Why Creativity and Innovation are Important

iKids enriches children’s science, technology, engineering and math knowledge through exposure to information that educates while entertaining.

The iKids blog can be used by teachers and parents as an entertaining resource in the classroom and at home. Students can read recent news reports on relevant topics such as science fairs, see videos on science experiments, and see what young inventors are coming up with around the world. The blog also offers teachers and parents activities to do with children and links to other resource websites.

Invention and innovation are the deliverables of science, technology, engineering and math knowledge. iKids shows what’s possible once literacy in these areas of study is achieved.

In 2009, United States President Obama launched the “Educate to Innovate” campaign to improve science and math literacy. Currently, US students rank 21st in the world in natural science and 25th in math. Obama said, “That’s not acceptable.” The campaign aims to enhance and encourage science, technology, engineering and math education throughout the country in order to allow the United States to remain as competitive in scientific and technological research and innovation in the 21st century as it was in the 20th.

The Canadian government also believes that knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math are vital in stimulating productivity, competitiveness and growth. The government’s Science and Technology Strategy identified the need for individual Canadians and businesses to better understand the way science, technology, engineering and math increasingly help drive the economy and improve quality of life.

At iKids we believe that change starts in the classroom and at home. Innovative, creative children become innovative and creative adults!


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